About us

We combine planning, business strategy and technology into a unified discipline powerful enough to propel companies forward.

About us.

Diode Ventures® is not a stand-alone developer—we are backed by over a century of experience as a Black & Veatch company that was founded by Black & Veatch professionals.

Although we are not exclusive with Black & Veatch as our partner, our relationship with them grants us access to their in-house expertise, global network, and superior knowledge gained from decades of experience in Alternative & Renewable Energy, Distributed Infrastructure, Telecommunications and Data Centers.

Diode operates under a client-centric development model where the client dictates the asset type, region and size of project, and Diode either develops it specifically for them from scratch, or we find projects already in progress to meet their needs.

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Our mission.

Diode Ventures aims to reinvent the standard developer model.

Our mission is to break the model of the typical developer by making it easier for companies to adopt new infrastructure assets that will progress their business faster. We work to help clients meet their renewable or data infrastructure requirements so that they can focus on their core business.

Unlike most developers, we are client-centric — we do not develop or acquire projects just for our own portfolio, but to fit each client’s specific needs. In doing that, we make it our goal to find simple, custom solutions to their complex problems.

Our people.

Diode Ventures started with a conversation.

Brad Hardin, President of Diode Ventures, was working as Black & Veatch’s Global Chief Technology Officer when he started to notice a theme amongst leaders in the commercial, industrial (C&I), and technology space: When it comes to managing and developing assets—whether to improve operational costs or meet demand—there was a desire for these companies to have a single entity to manage the entire development of the assets.

After a series of conversations with corporate customers and commercial and industrial companies, Diode Ventures was formed to provide clients with a full-service solution to develop and manage their infrastructure assets.

We are not a construction company. We are not an engineering firm. We are conductors that connect all of the dots on infrastructure projects.

Our team is comprised of a mix of former Black & Veatch consultants, engineers, financiers, as well as industry originators and developers. We are all thinkers, doers and — most importantly — adapters. We are empowered with the information and tools we need to make a world-wide impact.

Diode Ventures®

11401 Lamar Avenue
Overland Park, KS 66211
United States of America


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