Data Center Myths - Busted!

Data centers are large, dynamic buildings that hold large amounts of data and in general are a bit misunderstood. Data centers are incredibly important to our modern-day life. Whether it’s checking out at the grocery store, posting pictures on social media, or emailing a friend or colleague, data centers make our digital world work.   But what goes on in the building and operation of the data center?  

Let’s bust some of the common myths that surround these buildings!

Data centers are noisy

Data centers are actually very quiet. Occasionally, the backup generators run when there is a power reliability problem or when they are testing. These are generally about the sound of a standard commercial air conditioning unit.  

Data centers lack security

Data centers are incredibly secure facilities. Typically, data centers are surrounded by 8-foot-tall wrought iron fences and light to integrate natural landscape barriers of trees and bushes. Security is of top priority to data center clients, and security professionals work on the properties 24/7.  

Data centers are busy and will clog up traffic

While large facilities, data centers do not cause much traffic due to the secure nature of data centers allowing only a few select individuals into the campus. Other than the occasional server refresh, truck traffic is basically nonexistent. General employee traffic is minimal as well and similar to a small office building.  

Data center users do not give back to their communities  

Large technology clients and data center operators want to be a valuable part of a community.   Data center operators give back in a number of ways, including volunteering from their employees, grants to schools and educational programs, and employment training programs. With the high intensity tech jobs needed at these campuses, STEM education is a high priority of data center users.  

Data centers are a drain on community resources  

Data center campuses take up a large amount of space without adding much to existing burden to schools, police, and fire compared to other facilities of a similar size.  From a taxation standpoint this is ideal for communities to get better quality services, without the associated additional burden.

You said construction lasts ten years, so that must mean that construction will be visible for a decade

Roughly 70% of construction of these facilities happens inside the building causing minimal disruption to their neighbors. While construction will start on the building shell, it typically only lasts months with most of the remaining work being done on the inside over the rest of the project.

Data centers use so much power, they will cause blackouts  

Data centers are heavy power users because it takes energy to make the servers work and to run HVAC units to cool the facility. To ensure continuous power quality, Diode and our end users work closely with the local utility companies to shore up power infrastructure near the facility to make sure the lights stay on for the data center and its neighbors.

Data centers will drive down property values  

Loudoun County, VA is the data center capital of the world, and they make a great comparison. According to the Saint Louis Federal Reserve, the average home value increased approximately 37% from 2016 to 2024. The average home value in Loudoun County increased by approximately 56%, almost 20% more than the rest of the US!  

We hope that this helps to bust some of those data center myths that are out there! Compared to other developments of their magnitude, data centers make great neighbors and have a significant positive impact on communities.  

Curious about learning more about the data center developments that Diode is working on? Visit our website  

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