Renewable energy has reached an exciting new market paradigm. Now, in addition to being a cleaner and more sustainable source of energy, renewable energy is becoming more cost competitive and scalable. This transformation will continue to create seemingly endless opportunities to shift to a more sustainable, global infrastructure with less carbon emissions and more reliability.

Our renewable energy projects are for an array of targeted industries including:

- Commercial, Industrial and Technology companies

- Utilities

- Governments

We take a programmatic view to our work in the renewable energy space and develop assets with based on our client-centric model. Think of Diode as an extension of your staff from day one.

Diode delivers renewable energy projects globally for an array of targeted customers including; large commercial and technology firms, utilities, governments and manufacturing companies. 


Diode takes the traditional development process and flips it on its' head by taking the financial burden and project delivery risk out of the equation for our clients, so we can quickly deliver solutions for them.


Instead of speculation on projects, we take the time to get to know our customers and better understand how to meet their energy demands in regions where they need the energy at a scale that matches their desired offset at a schedule and price that meets their requirements.

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