Distributed Energy

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) offer a way for your business to have access to clean energy technologies, while creating a reliable source of power to your operations.


Energy infrastructure can be complex. Diode Ventures simplifies it by offering a guaranteed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) rate or lease to our clients. This removes risk and eliminates the need for capital expenditure from our clients so they can focus on growing their business.


Deciding on the right power technologies to implement, and determining how to scale that power source can be a challenge.

Diode Ventures is a trusted partner that can determine the best, long-term distributed generation solution for your enterprise’s unique needs. We offer a turnkey solution to create significant savings across enterprises’ real estate portfolios.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Black & Veatch, Diode is backed by decades of experience and expertise across all power generation technologies, including solar PV, wind energy, fuel cells, combustion turbines, combined heat and power, microgrids and energy storage.


Energy as a service is a method of delivering energy solutions through a PPA or lease, allowing you to realize the benefits of a distributed generation project with no capital outlay. This approach provides certainty on future operating expenses and offers simplicity and scalability across your enterprise.

Distributed Energy Experience

With Black & Veatch as our partner, we can provide distributed generation solutions to mission critical, commercial and industrial facilities, as well as campuses and utility infrastructure.

Energy Storage

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) can help lower electricity costs, reduce peak energy consumption from local utilities and provide back-up power for critical infrastructure.


An optimized microgrid that consists of multiple generation technologies combined with integration of facility load, can provide additional control and flexibility of a facility’s energy use and spend. Commissioned in 2015, Black & Veatch’s microgrid, shown above, uses renewable energy, natural gas and battery storage.

Combined Heat & Power


Combined heat and power (CHP) is becoming an important part of sustainable, reliable cost-effective energy systems that also can be a crucial link to success of existing assets.  CHP can include combustion turbines, reciprocating engines, fuel cells and microturbines.

How It Works

We are your single-source provider for on-site energy solutions. Projects are delivered with no upfront cost, and we manage the design, installation and operations of the assets with our partners.

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